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Headquartered in the UK, A&M Manufacturing Co.Ltd has more than 30 years of experience in the foundry and general metalworking industries. It is a professional foundry integrating development and production, specializing in the production of various castings and sand castings. These castings are widely used in the automotive industry, railway vehicles, construction machinery, municipal engineering, pipelines, petrochemicals, mining, power and other industries.

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    Qutou Industry Zone, Bagong Town, Jincheng, Shanxi, China

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    +86 138-3420-0763 (Angla Wang)

    +86 158-5030-4572 (Derek Vince)

    +86 0351-406-3772 (Office Phone)

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    +44 778-9882-711 (Mark Wilson)

    +44 777-1908-123 (Paul Rogers)

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From the first to the current generation,we carry out the same motto: 'It doesn'tmatter whát you want us to make, as long as we're allowed to do it well.' A mentality that has made us grow from a small iron and steel foundry into an international supplier of end products with high-quality alloys. In other words: custom casting!